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Vaxholm Lite Hoodie
heidi exley
Very thin hoodie

Very nice, didn’t realize it was that thin , love though, will order again, Thank You!!!

Fortress Storm Coat


Shadow Jacket
Bridgett Watkins
Cold weather approved

I use this as a base layer under my bigger parka when dog mushing. I was doing chores outside sweating like crazy and then climbing up mountains and it wicks the moisture. It for sure needs a top layer for the subarctic, but to just do things outside while being active it works well.

Sherpa Hoodie
Zachary Gerut
The best

I wore this for 18 holes of golf in the freezing cold and never felt it!

Kids Extreme Jacket
Lavinia Manuel
Best kids gear!!

Our kids LOVE their fortress gear. They have played outside for hours in the polar vortexes and stay toasty warm. They only want to come in for hot chocolate or potty breaks.
Hands down, the best cold weather gear on the market. I bought wind-cheaters that are a little bigger to go over the jacket for extra protection. I would love it if these came with a water/weatherproof outer layer - especially for the pants as I haven’t found a solution for these yet.

Amazing in cold weather

Mittens are great for skiing…keep your hands warm and comfortable to wear all day.

BasePro Crew
Wes S
As advertised! Warm with 100% full range of motion

I use this for playing winter sports. The top is not restrictive at any point and insulates extremely well down to 0 degrees F. I recommend adding the shell layer if you live in a sub zero climate with a windchill below or around 0 degrees. Great for late Fall and early Spring as well. No thicker than a normal shirt and hoodie layer.

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Jim Weeks

Warm and comfortable.

Extreme Jacket
Val Seifert
Happy with the jacket

Great jacket, very warm

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Michael Degrave

As expected

Fortress Storm Coat
Ryan Finco
Storm Coat - it's the little things...

I was looking for a new winter jacket to replace a north face mountain guide coat from 20 years ago. that coat took a ton of abuse and was a great "working" jacket, it was waterproof, breathable, and made of a strong material and reinforced at weakpoints. it was made to work. I ran across Fortress clothing, and was ready to get the shadow jacket and then I saw the storm coat - and it was everything I was looking for. I ordered it as the price was very good for a higher quality winter jacket. I received it and I was impressed with the construction but as I said - it's the little things that I appreciate. the velcro on the cuffs is highly effective, and placed right, with the right amount of length on the velcro strips so adjustment is easy. There is a elastic cloth "shelf" on the inside of each side of the coat - I store a pair of light gloves and a light hat in those, and so they don't take up room in my external hand pockets. the windguard velcro placement is very good, and very secure - you could, if you needed to - just velcro the jacket shut (if you were just going to run outside quick for example. the hood is easy to take off YET because of how it's designed is quite secure when put on and won't come off accidentally. the hood is deep and would allow any face covering or hat to be worn with it. their is reinforced elements at stress points on the jacket, and the cut of the jacket is slightly longer in the back to keep the jacket from riding up and to keep your butt more covered than a normal jacket cut allows for.

I have 2 complaints and they're minor but to be fair i need to list them. 1 - the zipper guard at the top by the neck gets in the way of the zipper far too much and in turn it for me, gets caught in the zipper and can be a battle. I'm considering going to a tailor and having them sew that folded back. I know why it's there - to keep wind out, but it's annoying and eventually i'm going to rip it. This design is not great. 2nd complaint - the coat is noisy! it's very crinkly as the material is more durable than some nylon jackets, but unlike a more natural cloth - this one makes noise. I wish it was softer, but that would most likely drive the price up (which...I would be ok with).

I've had this jacket out now in sub freezing temps and it regulates temp quite well, I've notice I'm neither hot nor cold - just comfortable. it's an unusual feeling being temperature neutral when its 22 degrees (f) outside. I'm use to being "cozy" which often turns into overheating when you are active -- this jacket, that's not an issue. I'm eager to see how it performs as it gets colder and the wind picks up so it starts getting in the -5, -10 range with windchill. I'm also hoping that the fabric breaks in a bit more and it stops making noise.

So far I'm pleased with this purchase, and happy with the design. I was looking at some very expensive winter coats as options and this one is literally 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of others I was looking at, as I like to buy for life so I'll spend more for something durable. This one beat out the others. It's a great working jacket thus far.

Shadow Jacket
Paul Filippi
This jacket made my winter comfortable.

I live on block island the winters are windy wet and cold.
This jacket made my winter so comfortable last year I bought two new ones as presents. I can go out doors and work up a sweat and with the right layers my body stays dry in this jacket- amazing!
No how bad it gets I am comfortable in this thing-
Best money you can spend- i

Robert Tyler

Very good service.

Fortress Storm Coat

Fortress Storm Coat

Shadow Jacket
Teresa Gano
Montana Winters 🥶

We bought it for my son, who's an electrician and lives in Montana. It gets so ❄️ cold up there, I just want him to know... We're soooo proud of him!

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Stephen Avram

Comfortable fit and definitely keeping warmer this winter. Love my base pro 1/4 zip and pants!

Great socks!

My daughter is a huge fan of these socks!!! Bravo!

No Gimmicks

I bought this jacket with the hope that just some of the claims would be true. Other products on the market makes high claims but ends up leaving you cold, wet, or to hot. This jacket makes even higher claims than most and delivers on every one. I can't say enough good things about this product. Just buy one already!

Warren Fiscus

Holy cow, what a great warm winter hat and face protection. I have used the balaclava in subzero temperatures and my head and ears stayed toasty warm. Even better was the fact that my hearing was not impaired while wearing the balaclava. I could hold a normal conversation.

Allison Fiscus

I love the balaclava. Living in Alaska, this is my go to hat for outdoor farm chores and outdoor sports. I can still wear my head lamp without changing effectivess of the hat. Comfortable, soft, and keeps me warm. Highly recommend.

BasePro 1/4 Zip
Dave Robertson

It’s warm and comfortable
Looking forward to some really cold days.

They feel great! Can't wait to try them this winter.

excellent product

love this base layer. keeps me toasty warm with room to move. well made, fits perfectly. exactly what they advertise. highly recommend for any outdoor activity. worth every penny. Fortress is a great company too.

great socks

These are good fitting, comfortable socks that kept my feet dry and warm. the whole day during our strenuous hike. Excellent product and wonderful value.

Shadow Jacket
Davido Hyer
Super impressed!

This jacket is awesome! It's really warm, but I don't feel overheated when wearing it. Really nice quality and looks good too. I bought a full set for my wife and I (Shadow Jacket, BasePro pants and gloves). No regrets.

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