Consider this: When “Awakened” to the need to BE PREPARED, the first instinct is to store food, then to store clean water. However, we need to get our priorities in line: We can live for 30 days without food and go 3 days without water. But, when it’s cold, many times you won’t make it 3 hours without the proper protection.


The answer: Fortress RETAINS YOUR BODY’s HEAT. Instead of trying to heat the space around you (your home or cabin) with traditional resources like firewood, coal or propane, FORTRESS allows you to be comfortable while heating yourself. Whatever the conditions, you will be able to function!

Consider this: If you continue to try to “Be Prepared” with traditional resources, you need to include many expensive assets. Firewood requires chainsaws, gasoline, replacement chains, chain sharpener, 2-cycle additive, a splitting maul and the list goes on - just for firewood. Coal is prohibited in some areas, dirty, heavy and you need a compatible coal burning stove. Propane is expensive and very limited once hard times hit.

Let’s Compare:

Other Fuels

Space: Where can you store the necessary fuel? Not on a shelf or under the Bed
Mobility: If you really do have to “Get Out Of Dodge”, how would you take your fuel with you?
Renewable: Once you burn thru what you store… How will you obtain more?
Weight: Tons
Clothing: It’s obvious: you’re looking today BECAUSE what you’re wearing FAILS - You Get COLD!


Space: On the Shelf or Under the Bed 8”x8”x16”
Mobility: Grab your Bug Out Bag… and GO!
Renewable: If You are Alive, You are Warm, This is the best GREEN Energy!
Weight: 4.2 lbs up to 6.8 lbs
Clothing: FORTRESS Gives you the Best of them All! This isn’t Just for Extreme Cold, Comfortable and Warm -30° to 70°F

Fortress products replace the HOPE of warmth with a complete CONFIDENCE of warmth.

A person wearing FORTRESS KNOWS He or She will be Warm.


My body's ability to stay warm was clear and present when wearing the Fortress Clothing.  Reflecting back on years of experience wearing cold weather gear both in the military and time spent working in the oil fields of North Dakota.  I have never before experienced the comfort and protection of my body's warmth provided by wearing the Fortress Clothing.  The difference is remarkable and truly noteworthy.  The quality and workmanship of this product is unmatched. I recommend Fortress Clothing to all who venture out into the cold.

Jared K. Jackson


Fortress isn’t just a coat – it’s not even just cold weather clothing. Fortress is your HEAT STORAGE SOLUTION, and the advantages to Fortress are obvious. We have found our biggest hurdle is… “It Looks Too Good To Be True”. We tested our product on the North Slope of Alaska and it wouldn’t FAIL. That is the reason we decided to “Jump in a FROZEN Lake” (See the videos). We don’t produce this warmth system for people to Jump in a Lake – But people were still skeptical. So we put on our Big Boy Pants and drilled thru the ice, jumped in and of the 20+ people who have taken the FORTRESS CHALLENGE, NO ONE has FAILED. You can be assured your family is safe and warm in times of distress. Fortress is a product and a brand that gives people the ability to work and perform at an unprecedented level of comfort.

In other words, Fortress allows people to be their best in the most extreme conditions without compromise.

We believe the value of this liberation from the elements is recognized on multiple levels, including financial, health, morale and overall attitude. We offer you the Peace of Mind – That you Are Prepared! Our product gives people the confidence to be their best without worrying about the distraction of the weather. When you wear Fortress you’ll KNOW cold is no longer a factor.

Order now to start experiencing all the benefits of the Fortress system today!