FORTRESS Jackets were originally designed for the oil industry which require a FR (Fire Retardant) outer layer, no flammable materials may be exposed.  FORTRESS was designed to be worn as a mid-layer garment, underneath the outer layer.  A typical workers now wears a base under garments, the Fortress Clothing layer, and a non-insulated fire resistant coverall.  Prior to finding FORTRESS these guys would be wearing 5-6 layers.  You can imagine how heavy these layers are and the reduced mobilty and flexibility.  Amazingly, even with 5-6 layers, workers would stop working and find shelter to warm up.  This need to reheat themselves seriously reduced the amount of productive work time.

With the Fortress Clothing, the need to "Warm Up" has been seriously reduced and the investment made by the company to outfit their employees in our gear has paid off many time over.

This technology is now available to keep YOU warm in the cold environments.  FORTRESS functions within a large temperature spectrum; in seasons that are cold, and for daily use, and in emergencies.  When worn as a system, it operates from -30F to 70F -- without the need for adding or removing layers.

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Jacket liner for environments -30° TO 70° F (-35 to 21 C)

Jacket liner for environments -30° TO 70° F (-35 to 21 C)

The jacket liner provides warmth and comfort in extreme conditions for all-day or night, cold weathe...
Extreme Jacket Liner - Environment -68F to 30F (-55 to -1 C )

Extreme Jacket Liner - Environment -68F to 30F (-55 to -1 C )

The EXTREME Jacket Liner model is built with twice the insulation thickness. We know it sounds un...