Why is Fortress the Obvious Choice to Stay Warm?

The answer - Fortress is the only product on the market that allows the human body to take care of itself. It’s the only product on the market that allows people to regulate their body temperature, even in the most extreme temperatures. Fortress products replace the HOPE of warmth with a complete confidence of warmth - a person wearing Fortress KNOWS he’ll be warm.

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Fortress isn’t just a work jacket – it’s not even just cold weather clothing. Fortress is a product and a brand that gives people the ability to work and perform at an unprecedented level of comfort. In other words,
Fortress allows people to be their best in the most extreme conditions without compromise.

We believe the value of this liberation from the elements is recognized on multiple levels, including financial, health, morale, and overall attitude. Our product gives people the confidence to be their best without worrying about the distraction of the weather. When you wear Fortress, you’ll KNOW cold is no longer a factor.

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