Q: How do I car for my clothing?

A: The product is washable, care instructions are:

  • Wash gentle in cold water,
  • Dry using a low heat, or hang to dry.

Some of the more adventurous users wear their clothing to dry it!

Regarding durability: as part of the testing process to provide the Fortress line to several Oil & Gas companies, we had it UL tested.  It passed the "100 washings" test (which afterwards it was fire tested, under a pair of FR coveralls) We have not had a replacement order from any of the commercial customers (over 3 years of use). 

One of the more favorable factors in considering Durability is the fact that the Fortress line is primarily a "Mid-Layer Garment".  The Hood, mittens and slippers are worn as an outer layer, but the jacket/vest/pants are designed to have an outer shell on top.  Many of our commercial customers have recognized the brilliance behind this system, rather than purchasing an insulated pair of coveralls for $230+ and then throwing them away when they are worn out, they purchase an UN-insulated pair of coveralls for $100 and keep the Fortress layer.

I personally use the jacket liner without a shell when performing light duty activities such as shoveling the walk or walking the dog.  If I were out hunting, in construction, or any other activity where snagging the clothing is an issue, I would wear an appropriate outer shell over my Fortress layer.


Q: Is your brand registered in any other countries other than the USA?

A: Yes. We are registered in Russia and Canada, also.