About Us

The FORTRESS SYSTEM is truly REVOLUTIONARY:  For the Self-Reliance Market, Fortress is YOUR lifetime supply of HEAT.  It is Heat Storage, on the Go!  We like to say “If You’re Alive – You’re Warm…and If You’re Warm – You’re Alive.   In addition to being your Heat Storage Solution, Fortress is something you can USE TODAY.  If you work outside, it doesn’t matter what you do; Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Roads, Water, FORTRESS changes the way you look at life.  You no longer DREAD the Winter, You will be Comfortable and Warm!  Hunters LOVE Fortress, Fishermen Shout our Praises!  Snowmobilers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Anyone who spends time outdoors – No Longer need FEAR the COLD.  What is MOST AMAZING, is the Comfort Range:  It doesn’t have to be Extreme Cold, “Soccer Moms” use it in moderate temperatures! FORTRESS solves the problem of Cold.